Award-winning projects Ronny has photographed:

Nike “Heritage” – New York International Film Festival Award  ( Best Advertising Campaign)
Also received Silver honors (2nd place) for Best Cinematography. The spot aired during Super Bowl 1991 and became Nike’s biggest comeback ever with their Nike “180 Air” products. This commercial was shot with real xenon projections over LA’s urban city walls and became an industry landmark.

Nike “Dueling TV’s”- Cannes Film Festival Palm D’or Award  (Best Advertising Campaign)

Nike “Air TV” – Cannes Film Festival Palm D’or Award  (Best Advertising Campaign)

GTE  “Dave” – Golden Lion Award  (Best Advertising Campaign)

Janet Jackson  “If” – MTV Award  (Best Music Video)

Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation – 1814”Grammy Award  (Best Long Form Music Video)
Janet Jackson’s 31 minute black & white film against drug use, which included 5 music videos and competed against Michael Jackson’s “Moon Walker” in the Grammy awards of 1989.

Sharp “Around the World in 24 Hours” –  Brazil’s Colunistas Award  (Best Advertising Campaign, Best Production and Best Production Value)